Betting Strategies to Consider When Sports Restart

Sports Betting Line Movements
Sports Betting Strategy

Your Betting Strategies Will Change in COVID-19 Shortened Seasons

Now that the NBA, NHL, and MLB have their restart dates set in stone, bettors can get back to working on their betting strategies and the business of profitable wagers. Bettors everywhere have their own strategies, but the key is to use one that works and produces consistent profits.

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In a world where we now must deal with the added pressure of the coronavirus, there may be some adjustments that need to be made to betting strategies. Here, we take a look at what strategies you should consider now that sports are back.

Don’t Forget the Moneyline

Moneyline bets are the easiest bets to make. You simply pick the team you believe is going to win. When the NBA returns, don’t shy away from moneyline bets just because they are too basic. 

Do some quick research, shop for the best lines, and capitalize on the profits to be made on moneyline bets.

Shop for the Best Line

Speaking of shopping for the best betting odds and lines, that should be part of any sound sports betting strategy. You will need to have accounts at multiple sportsbooks, but the end result is worth it. 

If you want to bet on the Lakers as a seven-point favorite, it would be extremely beneficial if you could find the Lakers as a 6.5-point favorite at a different sportsbook. That extra point could make the difference in a profitable bet.

Fade the Public

It’s not a new strategy to those who bet on the NBA. Betting against the public has been a common strategy for years in spread and totals betting for those looking for betting strategies.

Sportsbooks know which teams and games will be the most heavily bet. They will adjust their betting odds to attract more action. When the odds change, you may see sharps bettors get in on the action on the least popular side. When they do, follow and reap the benefits.

Specialize in One Sport

With the NBA, NHL, and MLB all returning; you might better serve yourself by specializing in just one sport for a given amount of time. It’s going to take a while for everyone involved to get used to the post-COVID-19 sports world.

The NBA and NHL, of course, will play in hub cities so there are no home and away games. MLB games will be played at different ballparks. Choose the sport you are most comfortable with, the one you know the most about.


That way, you don’t spread yourself too thin. Focusing on one sport will help your confidence grow and, hopefully, your bank roll too.

Do Your Coronavirus Homework on Your Betting Strategies

It’s going to happen. You wake up LeBron James tests positive for the coronavirus. Mike Trout comes back with a positive test. Whoever it is, there is going to be a key player somewhere in at least one of the sports that tests positive. 

With that player or group of players out, there is going to be an impact on betting outcomes. Consider the NBA. A star player (or two) has to sit out in quarantine for 48 hours after a positive test. They miss at least one game.

Said star averages over 20 points per game. If it’s more than one player, bettors might want to focus on Totals betting in those instances. With star players out of a lineup, it might be worth considering the Under in those circumstances.