About AsiaLiveTech.com Software Provider

Asia Live Tech is the first Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia. As a result, they offer their clients is a cost-effective Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online casino software. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, the emergence of a Bitcoin online casino software provider comes as no surprise. In this AsiaLiveTech.com Software Provider Review, we will discuss their software and services in details.

The main service they offer is to provide White Label Casino solution for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  In addition, they also offer other services like product integration and iGaming real estate services.

As a provider of White Label Casino solutions, they are consequently a licensed land-based casino in Cambodia.  Effectively, the license trickles down to their White Label clients in Asia and also to the rest of the world. For the operator looking into breaking into the Asian Market, Asia Live Tech is one of the best solutions.

AsiaLiveTech.com Info

  • Inception: 2011
  • Address: Prey Vor and Moc Hoa Border, Au Village Thmei commune,Kampong Rou District, Svaay Rieng 06311
  • Country: Cambodia
  • Telephone: +855 31 265 8989
  • Email: manager@asialivetech.com
  • Website: www.asialivetech.com

Services by Asia Live Tech

  • White Label Online Casino
  • Bitcoin Online Casino Solutions
  • Online Gaming License Services in Cambodia
  • Product Integration
  • Gambling Call Center and Office Rental
  • Sportsbook and Financial Betting Center Setup
  • iGaming Website Set Up for Land-Based Casinos
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Gambling Products Offered by AsiaLiveTech.com

Asia Live Tech Live Dealer Live Dealer Casino – Their Live Dealer Casino is delivered in High Definition with fast streaming videos and instant confirmation on wins.  They offer the following table games in their live dealer casino: Baccarat, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Xoc Dia, Belangkai, Fan-Tan and roulette.

In addition, they also offer a “Live Player Table Games”.  This is basically a live dealer casino where real players actually join and play at the same table as the dealer.  As an extra treat, they also have the “Disco Pit” live casino which is meant to increase a player experience.  It does this by adding heart-stopping music while beautiful exotic girls from South-East Asia are on camera. The best part is that the “Disco Pit” is live from an actual disco location and is available from 7PM-5AM.

Slot Games – Asia Live Tech has over 20 slot games that will range from traditional slots to interactive ones.

Lotteries – The lotteries offered are licensed and operated in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia.

Keno – This is popular game in casinos around the world and as a result is now available as an online game.

Sportsbook – The Asia Live Tech sportsbook offers sports wagering on all major sports but focuses more on popular Asian events. In addition, Players can choose between the Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar betting lines.

AsiaLiveTech.com Software Provider Review

We spent most of our time using their live dealer casino software to test out their products. The experience was enjoyable because they offer a unique live dealer casino experience that cannot found anywhere else.

We have to admit that the game play was excellent as we did not feel any lag while we were playing. We did notice that the language used at the table is generally in English. The user interface itself is like any other live casino platform; it is easy to use and functional.

Their online casino games while fun to play were pretty much the same as you would find at any other online casino.

Review of the Asia Live Tech Sportsbook Software

Review of the Asia Live Tech Sportsbook Software

The sportsbook software is good and definitively geared towards the Asian market because of the type of odds they offer.

The betting interface is smooth and easy to use because a player can easily keep track of all of their bets. Navigating through all of the betting options is very simple and does not require any explanation.

Managing your players is also very easy and gives you a variety of reports and tools to control your players. It is also possible to keep track of your player’s wagering habits build a profitable sportsbook.

Our Conclusion about AsiaLiveTech.com

Overall, Asia Live Tech offers a solid gambling software solution to its clients.  Their live dealer casino is very impressive because of the many different platforms it offers.

If a gambling operator is looking for a full Asian Gambling Software Solution, Asia Live Tech is it!

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