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OUR RATING: 8.6 OUT OF 10 About Pay Per Head We often come across newer software providers in our sportsbook pay per head reviews. Usually, we like their software, but we still find most lacking in features. But for our review today, we have a relatively young sportsbook that took advantage of its youth to use the best technology to create a great sportsbook pay per head platform for bookies. Let’s take a look and see why we like Of course, our review of this site will most likely be viewed in comparison to more established sites....

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US Sports Betting in 2019

Since mid 2018, states have been working towards formulating policies on sports betting. With legal sports betting states increasing, industry experts are starting to get an idea on how big the US sports betting market is. And the numbers are very pleasing. In Q2 alone, six new states have legalized sports betting. Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, New Hampshire, and Tennessee are the new states that will soon offer sports betting. Of course, after local policies will be set in place. This gives those with a good sportsbook pay per head the potential to tap 25 million more Americans as...

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Tips on Betting on the NBA Finals

Most sports betting tutorials can be used to guide you in multiple sports. The wagers in some sports are very similar, after all. But there are subtle tells you can use in each sport that you can use as a guide when betting. For baseball, people look at pitchers. For college basketball, people look at seeding as they go closer to the sweet sixteen. And for betting on the NBA finals, a few things can help you. Of course, one of the better ways to earn money is to learn how to be a bookie with the help of...

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OUR RATING: 9.0 OUT OF 10 About Pay Per Head is popular and established in the Asian market. They began with sportsbook software services, but have eventually expanded to cater to the sportsbook pay per head market.  They are also recognized for providing white label sportsbook solutions in countries such as South Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. Let’s take a look and see how this provider fares compared to other international pay per head providers. Of course, we will walk you through registration and the software experience. General Info Software: Proprietary (DGS-Based) Inception: 2015 Cost Per...

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NBA Playoffs and Bookie Odds

Your bookie pph site is probably raking in a lot of wagers for the NBA. After all, if you know how to be a bookie, then you know how popular the NBA is for certain gambling markets. Basketball news sites are full of updates and bookie odds on the upcoming NBA playoffs. Let’s take a look at the odds for both the Western and Eastern Conference teams. To be an online bookie who is successful, you need to make sure you have all teams covered, and that you have enough resources to cover the wagers in your sportsbook. Bookie...

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NCAA Final Four Updates: Auburn

This is the craziest weekend in college basketball: the NCAA Final Four and the Championship game. For a pay per head bookie, it’s a great time to earn. There are only three games left to the NCAA for the postseason. Two final four games on Saturday, and the Championship game on Sunday. The best pay per head bookie software will help you learn how to maximize profit, if you want to do better than this season. Most of the sports news posts on the NCAA will talk about predictions, schedules, and where to watch. When talking about betting on...

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888 Poker Review

OUR RATING: 8.0 OUT OF 10 About 888 Poker In our latest in gambling reviews, we will review popular poker site 888 poker. 888 poker is formerly Pacific Poker, and has been in business since 2002. They are one of the older poker sites you can find, but still going strong. They are part of the 888 Holdings family, so they are sister companies to Casino On-net, 888 Ladies, and more. From what we remember of the old 888 poker, the site was a bit behind its competition. Mostly in terms of performance, since their site was laggy and...

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Iowa Sports Betting Bill Getting Close to the Finish Line

Gambling news features a lot of developments and growth about the gambling world. But there is quite a special interest in the US, where the decision to legalize sports betting does not lie in the central government. Rather, each of the US states lawmakers will have to figure out among themselves what they want. Since the second half of 2018, states have been moving towards regulating the market, much to the delight of pay per head bookies. After all, they just need the best sports betting software, and they can join in the global sports betting market. Iowa Sports...

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OUR RATING: 7.5 OUT OF 10 About Pay Per Head Our latest pay per head review will be on DollarPerHead has a snazzy, flashy site that projects a modern and up-to-date pay per head service. They claim to be the only “true” multi-language pay per head provider in Cost Rica. They currently offer support and services in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Of course, some of the sites we have reviewed also have these features (and some of them are based in Costa Rica as well). But putting this aside, let us check out the interface of...

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Missouri, Ohio May Follow to Legalize Sports Betting

2018 has been an important year in the goal to legalize sports betting in the US. A lot of pay per head providers have long advocated for an open sports betting market in the US due to the large market that is involved- gambling industry news sites always report on the growing sports betting markets across the globe, and the US is always on the top tiers of the list. Since the ban on sports betting was repealed mid of this year, states have started taking steps to legalize and regulate the sports betting markets in their respective states....

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