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Missouri, Ohio May Follow to Legalize Sports Betting

2018 has been an important year in the goal to legalize sports betting in the US. A lot of pay per head providers have long advocated for an open sports betting market in the US due to the large market that is involved- gambling industry news sites always report on the growing sports betting markets across the globe, and the US is always on the top tiers of the list. Since the ban on sports betting was repealed mid of this year, states have started taking steps to legalize and regulate the sports betting markets in their respective states....

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US Betting Bill May Give Control Back to Feds

There is a draft of a federal US Betting bill on sports betting on the federal level that exists. If passed, this will allow the Attorney General to veto any legislation of sports betting made in the state level. In addition, the bill can also make bookies use league-supplied data only for their betting operations. This bill is the first major legislation that will try to put sports betting control back in the hands of the federal government. The decisions on the legalization and regulation of sports betting has been under state policy. This is ever since PASPA was...

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South Africa Gambling Act Passes

A new gambling legislation has passed, streamlining current policies of South Africa gambling regulations. The parliamentary committee on trade and industry of South Africa has adopted National Gambling Amendment Act 2018. This comes after eliminating other items in the measure prior to passing it. Instead, the measure will focus on just three issues to prevent the measure from not being passed in time. Earlier this year, their Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) proposed a comprehensive act that covers a lot of aspects of gambling. However, the legislature has decided to junk it and just focus on three main...

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UK Will Increase Online Casino Tax in 2019

The UK’s Autumn budget for 2018 is under discussion, led by UK Chancellor Philip Hammond for the House of Commons. Odd as it is to find a topic like this in a site about gambling. But it does involve online gambling taxes. Specifically, it mentions how an increase in taxes on online gambling can help offset reducing maximum wagers on FOBT’s. These are fixed-odds betting terminals, which is from £100 to £2. The cut in the FOBT results in a reduction of revenues in taxes the government will collect. So they have been looking into increasing the Remote Gaming...

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2018 World Series odds and tips

Its October and baseball is one of the hottest sports to bet on this month. The MLB’s 2018 World Series is one of the most sought-after sporting events for everyone, especially those who love to bet on sports. A lot of pay per head bookie agents are having their sportsbooks filled with wagers as it is. As we go into the playoff games for the offseason, let us take a quick peek at the games and see what’s in store for those who are getting ready to place their wagers. This time, we will show the lines in a...

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How to Become a Bookie Agent

Becoming a bookie agent is like taking on a job, rather, it is very much like putting up your own business. So when you look at your goals, you should always treat is just as you would any business you get into. The first thing you need to do is study. The good thing about the sports betting industry, is that you don’t need to have a specific background to succeed. All it takes is in-depth knowledge of the industry, and the best PPH Bookie service. So how do you get there? Read industry-related materials online. Study the terms...

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New Jersey Sports Betting for July at $40.7 Million

Those who want to make a bookie pay per head service should know the numbers that they will have to handle and the income one can earn from that action. And while bookies operate on a much smaller scale than casinos do, bookies can learn from them still. For instance, New Jersey Sports Betting operators have a generated revenue of below $4 million in the month of July. The combined revenue was $3.83, which is around the same amount of the revenue the state earned in two weeks last June. New Jersey’s bookies handled more or less $40.7 million...

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Modernize Your Sports Betting Operation with a Bookie Pay Per Head

You may be wondering why it is important for a bookie pay per head to modernize your business. It is very simple. Sports betting is a very competitive industry. Revenue growth estimates are to double in the next few years. Plus you take into account the increase in market interest with the growing legalization of the industry. This is all on an international scale. If anything, the best in sports betting is yet to come. To be able to get a good share of the sports betting market, you need to keep up with the developments in the industry....

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With the NBA 2018 Draft hours away, the debate on who the best players for this year’s draft is still hot, and will continue to be until the actual draft takes place. So for our NBA 2018 Draft update, we’ve seen that sportsbooks have been favoring Deandre Ayton. The 7-footer from the Wildcats is top choice in the draft odds, with a -1500 to having him drafted before another crowd favorite, Luka Doncic. For Ayton, you will bet $1,500 to win $100. The first selection this year, assuming they won’t make a trade, belongs to the Phoenix Suns. Ayton...

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