Ohio Betting Revenue Dips this June

Ohio Betting Revenue Dips this June

In the latest gambling news, the Buckeye state is reporting not-so-stellar numbers in betting for June. According to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, the Ohio betting revenue dips this June. Revenue is at $32.7 million, a whopping 43.7% less than the previous month. While consistent with what those in the industry refer to as the “summer slump”, it still does not overshadow the ability of the local market to generate a lot of revenue.

If you look at sportsbook gambling products, you will see that there are a lot of tools that bookies can use to track trends and data, to help you interpret what is happening to your sportsbook. It will also help you plan accordingly.

For the US, summer tends to bring about less betting activity. But, if you look at these pay per head reviews, you will see that you have a lot more options available. In fact, online gambling products like casinos and horse racing can generate just as much, or even more, activity and revenue as sports betting.

Ohio Betting Revenue, Handle, and More

Ohio Betting Revenue Dips this JuneFor Ohio sportsbooks, the total handle for the month of June is at $362.1 million. This is 18.8% lower than that of May’s $446.2 million. But it is still doing relatively well compared to neighboring states. In May, the handle was higher, but the state ranked seventh in handle across the country. But for June, Ohio sits at fifth place.

If you check sportsbook pay per head services, there is a feature where you can generate reports. One you will want to do in your sportsbook is generate your hold percentage, or the percentage the sportsbook keeps. For Ohio, the hold is at 9%. It is the lowest that the state’s sportsbooks have seen since its launch back in January.

All in all, the numbers are still doing well, and consistent with neighboring markets. The potential for sports betting in Ohio continues to grow, even with a temporary decline in revenue.


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