New York Online Sports Betting Sets New Weekly Revenue Record

New York Online Sports Betting Sets New Weekly Revenue Record

Last updated on October 21st, 2023 at 09:25 pm

You know that the sports betting industry in the US is back at its peak when sportsbooks in New York are starting to set new betting records. A fast-growing market, New York online sports betting gives is a new state revenue of $62 million for the week ending October 15. New York tracks both weekly and month stats for betting, similar to what you can do with your sportsbook with a good sportsbook pay per head service.

Going back to New York, the New York Gaming Commissioned released the report that has sportsbooks in the state see a 100.6% jump in weekly revenue. From $30.9 million in the previous week, revenue hits $62 million. The previous weekly revenue record of the state was set back in the week of January 22, with just $57.5 million in revenue.

New York Online Sports Betting Numbers are a Good Preview for Football Season

New York Online Sports Betting Sets New Weekly Revenue RecordThe record revenue set gives sportsbooks a mind-blowing 15.4% hold. This percentage rarely happens. This represents what sportsbooks keep out of the $402.7 million handle. The handle also increases for the week, up by 3.6%. this is the sixth straight week that sportsbooks in the state have a handle upwards of $400 million. If you also want to make money out of what is looking to be a very lucrative football betting season, this Bookie Pay Per Head information site can help you find the best software for your needs.

Looking at the numbers, this could be an even better season for sportsbooks. Last season, the handle and revenue were never this high. The highest revenue recorded in the state in the previous season with football active is $44 million. Many are excited to see how sportsbooks will fare this year, now that football betting is even more popular than ever. As for those who want to earn a piece of the action, its never to late to start- these bookie pay per head reviews can help point you to the best providers of sportsbook software for bookies.


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