Soccer Betting Strategies: Predicting Soccer Upsets

Soccer Betting Strategies: Predicting Soccer Upsets

Soccer fans love soccer because statistically speaking, upsets happen almost 50 percent of the time. Needless to say, this makes any soccer game more fun and exciting to watch. Especially since most sports have a much lower percentage of upsets. With this in mind, people love to bet on soccer because of the thrill of winning by an upset. In this gambling tutorial, we go over Predicting Soccer Upsets and when to bet on the underdog.

While upsets do make the game more exciting, it also makes the betting even more difficult. Since it happens so often, it is not unusual for a big favorite to occasionally lose. However, according to all beginner’s guide to soccer betting, that along does not make betting on a favorite a good strategy. Therefore, even with favorable betting odds, there is no such thing as a sure thing in soccer.

This tutorial will help you predict soccer upsets with confidence and to help you profit from it.

The Golden Rules for Predicting Soccer Upsets

The Golden Rules for Predicting Soccer UpsetsSince soccer upsets are common in soccer, many bettors believe it is a good idea to bet on the underdog. However, that is a fallacy that often makes gamblers lose large amount of money. This is why you should Never bet on an underdog because they are common.

When it comes to online sports betting, you should always have a good reason to bet on a specific team. Statistics showing an upset will happen is not a good enough reason. If that was the case, gamblers would always bet on the best team.

Instead, bettors need to properly analyze each team in a game to determine the outcome. Yes, you need to put in the necessary time to research a real reason to bet on an upset. Instead, betting on f the favorite team

The most obvious factors people consider when predicting the outcome is the quality of each team. While it is a good indicator, by itself it is not enough when betting on soccer.  It must be done in combination with other key factors.

Just remember that having the right sports betting odds is an effective strategy for pay per head sportsbook. Therefore, sportsbooks will make sure that you bet on the side they want you to bet on depending on how they need the betting to go. Thus, do not fall for their trap and make sure to do your homework before you place your wager.

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Key Factors to Consider when for Predicting Soccer Upsets and Soccer Betting Strategies

Team/Player Motivation – Motivation on the field is important and can make a big difference in the outcome of the game. For example, teams get a lot of motivation if they are playing a big rival or recently lost to them. In addition, if a win will determine whether they can advance to the next round will greatly affect a game.

Complacency – According to Discount Pay Per Head, this is when a huge favorite tends to overlook weaker opponents. When that is the case, research you want to research whether the favorite has a bigger game coming up. Furthermore, research whether the underdog is known for upsetting teams that are far superior.

Injuries and Suspensions – While this is an obvious one, it should also be taken in consideration for betting on the underdog. For example, star strikers and defenders can dictate games entirely at either end of the pitch. The best time to use it is when the news just came out and the odds have not changed.

Team Style of Play – The last key factor to keep track of is the style of play for each team. This is an important part of any soccer betting strategies experts use. Will it be two defensive team playing? If so, you can expect a defensive game where betting on the draw is the way to wager. Furthermore, if both defenses are strong, the underdog becomes more attractive if the game ends up being tight and low-scoring.

While this is true, you want to look for a matchup where each team use completely different styles of playing. A good example of this is when a top team that relies on lots of possession and plenty of chances. If the underdog has a resolute defense and good counterattacking players, the odds of seeing an upset will increase.

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