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About is a new player in the pay per head industry, having being in business for only 2 years. But in a short span of time, they have managed to build a loyal customer base of bookies- and a spot-free reputation. In today’s pay per head review, we will take a look at their software and see how they compare to some of the best sportsbook PPH service providers in the market today. was established in 2022, and has been unassuming in terms its branding- they have been very professional in promoting their PPH services, without flashy and spam invites. They are also very simple and straightforward in attracting clients- SBPPH will give you a free trial to go through their whole software to see how good it is. So, we will take them up for a challenge and see if what they offer is something a modern day bookie needs.

They offer an easy and fast way to open an online sportsbook. In addition, they also offer other gambling products like an online casino, racebook, plus other features to allow you to manage your sportsbook more efficiently. In paper, it looks to be at par with other more established providers. Bookie Pay Per Head Services Details General Info

  • Software: Proprietary DGS
  • Inception: 2022
  • Cost Per Player: $5 or less per player
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Promotion: 2 Weeks Free

Sportsbook Features

  • Internet Wager: Yes
  • Telephone Wagers: Yes
  • Racebook: Yes
  • Online Casino: Yes
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Sports Betting: Yes
  • Live Casino: Yes
  • Prop Bet Generator: yes

Management Tools

  • Bonus Management: Yes
  • Lines Management: Yes
  • Player Msg Tools: Yes
  • Report Generators: Yes
  • Player Risk Mgt: Yes
  • Alerts: Yes
  • Player Profiling: Yes
  • Financial Tools: yes

Bookie Pay Per Head Service Pay Per Head Service Pay Per Head Review Pay Per Head Review

Since we availed their free trial, we gained access to the software immediately after we created an account. The process was very straightforward. We checked with their customer service agent, who replied promptly and professionally, by the way, and assured us that the payment will come after the two week period. We did not need to pay any deposit, so we know that their free trial is really free. Other providers give you a few free weeks AFTER you pay a deposit, so the advertising is not as it seems.

When asked, the agent also told us that we will be paying a pay per head fee that depends on how large or small our operation is. The process of them billing us is easy- and if we hit a certain number of players, we will get a cheaper pay per head rate.

We are posting the rates here so you can see. This means that as your sportsbook business grows, they will support you by giving you a discount on their services. As for the bookie pay per head services, we got to take a closer look, and we are impressed.

The user interface really does make it easy for you to navigate through the software and find what you need. So even a novice bookie will not need a tutorial or manual to use the software. The menu displays the functions in an organized manner, so if you need to manage lines, you can find them in one section, while player management is in another. And if you want to generate reports to find out how your sportsbook is performing, you can also find the option in the menu, so in just a few clicks, you immediately get the data you need. Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software Review offers the same products that even the best pay per head providers offer, and this immediately gives them an advantage against other newcomers. Their site and software have the necessary security requirements for a bookie operation, and we have not experienced any down time. We tested line management and the changes on the lines reflected on the player’s sportsbook instantly. This kind of accuracy is very important in sportsbooks. Pay Per Head ReviewYou can then generate reports to see how your sportsbook performed, making it easy to see if you are earning money, and which sports or wagers generate the most income for you. This is important information because you can use this to strengthen your bookie operation by implementing targeted strategies to generate more action.

Player Management

Managing players is also easy with their sportsbook pay per head software, since you create the player profiles yourself. Other providers require you to contact them or get their approval to create player accounts. With SBPPH, you have complete control over this- including adjusting and setting limits.

You can also easily check the activity of each player- and this allows you to see betting habits and trends, and identify any potential problems with players. And when you need to release payouts, you do not need to spend so much time computing since you can immediately see their balance and pay them out as scheduled.

Our Conclusion about

All in all, we are completely satisfied with the pay per head software. They offer top tier pay per head services at very affordable rates. The only issue we saw is that the software’s design on the bookie site is a bit simple. Its not as flashy as other providers. But this actually works for us because the site looks so uncluttered and makes it easy on the eyes.

Features wise, you have nothing to complain about. We now understand why they are gaining popularity even though they are new- and they can compete with the best in the market. The best thing about this is that since they offer a free trial, you can head over and see exactly what we mean when we say that it has everything that you need to open and manage an online sportsbook.



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