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Price Per PlayerPrice Per Player is one of the newest and most innovative sportsbook pay per head providers in the market today. They make use of the latest and most secure technology to improve their already impressive PPH software. In addition, they make sure that all these services are priced at a very affordable rate.

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Excellent Bookie Pay Per Head Services – A Sports Betting Software and PPH Company Sports Betting Software is one of the better known Pay Per Head and sports betting platform company in the industry. This is because they have been in business for almost a decade and provide safe and secure PPH services.

In addition, they are one of the few gambling software providers that provide their services in multiple languages which include, english, korean, spanish, chinese and more. According to many sportsbook pay per head reviews, they are one of the most highly rated company in the industry. is an established and secure sportsbook PPH software provider. They offer high quality sports betting software services guaranteed to help bookies manage their sportsbooks easily. is one of the latest per head providers to make a breakthrough. Barely a few years in operation, they already have a wide range of bookie clients. From small and beginner websites, to more established sportsbooks, Easy Pay Per head makes it easy for people to earn money by starting their very own sportsbook.