When looking for a sportsbook pay per head service, a simple google search will give you hundreds of options to choose from. Each provider would promise to be the best one in the market, or be the complete, full-service software provider. And it can become confusing because when you start looking at their services and rates, you will notice that the prices have a wide range, from $1 to up to $20 per head. Why do pay per head providers offer different prices? And should the price be your main consideration?

Before you start signing up with these providers, we would suggest that you read some gambling reviews first. Before we start looking at prices, we have to consider the quality of service that they offer. If a provider looks sketchy, then even an attractive price tag would not be worth the headache that will surely follow.

Pay Per Head Prices

Why Do Pay Per Head Providers Offer Different Prices?Once you have narrowed down your list of bookie pay per head providers, now you can start looking at the prices. Normally, one would think that cheaper prices mean less value for the features that you may get from a $15-dollar provider. But in this industry, this is not the case. Pricing can be based on features, but some are just expensive because they want to price themselves as higher end. Some, you pay for the name and the brand, but you can actually get less from them.

So when choosing a bookie software provider, always look at the features that they offer. Also double check if they offer more features if you pay more. Always take a closer look to make sure that you are getting what they are advertising. The cost of the pay per head software should only matter if you are trying your best to save on money. But you can find very affordable pay per head providers who actually offer great value for money, so you should not worry about expensive overhead costs when creating your own online sportsbook.


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