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Live Betting Odds are a Must for a Online Bookmaker

Offer your clients live betting odds right here. Now, you and they can have it all in one neat package that will open the door for huge profits to your bookmaking business. The pay per head industry is booming right now and there is one great reason for their success in the middle of a pandemic; local bookies.

Local bookies have struggled since March and they are scrambling for answers. What they are looking for is an affordable platform that will give them an online presence. They are also looking for a forum that doesn’t require any high-tech skills. Where can this be found? Hang with us, we have the answers…

· The pay per head industry opened its doors to the public some 20+ years ago and they went through some growing pains. They started with great intentions and with a solid plan that included fantastic software. The problem… they got greedy. They were charging upwards of $25 per head, per week for their limited services.

· The largest PPH sportsbook providers on the internet are largely based in Costa Rica. A couple of decades ago a group of local bookies decided to start a much-needed service for other bookies. They hired great programmers to come up with a great software base that included the online sportsbook, the racebook, and a virtual casino. Again, the problem was cost, they were charging a small fortune and bookies didn’t want to pay.

RealBookies PPH Services & Live Odds

· The local bookies in San Jose soon realized that if they were going to stay in business on any level, they must make amends and quickly. This is exactly what they did. They drastically lowered their fees and throughout two decades, the services have become much better.

· Here we stand today and the best PPH providers on the net are now offering their services for around $7 per head, per week, for active players. You will only pay a one-time fee per week, per player, they may place as many wagers as they wish either in the sportsbook, the racebook, and the casino. You pay the one low price, one time per week, and nothing more.

The Best News—

· The best and most reputable PPH providers on the internet are now offering you the bookie, a free gaming website. They will custom-build this site for you and it comes loaded with a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino.

· This gaming website is real, it’s a working website with a address that is for you and your client’s exclusive use. This is not some rinky-dink site that hardly functions. NO, this is the same kind of website that you see when you dial up all of the famous online sportsbooks. You get all of the bells and whistles with all three gaming genre’s.

· All you need to do is call the PPH and ask them for your free gaming website. Within a day or two, you will be operational, and your players will be gambling against you on your gaming site.

· The PPH software is the bookie, they do everything for you. They set the daily sporting events on a sleek user interface that makes gambling an easy and quick process. They set all of the daily lines and odds, they grade all bet slips, they take all wagers from your clients either over the phone or on the website.

· The sportsbook comes loaded with all of the best gambling options such as thousands of prop wagers, future bets, parlays, teasers, super teasers, round robins, reverse action, lottery, politics, squares, weekly contests according to the sport in season, and much more.

You want your clients to stay with you and you need their loyalty. There is only one way to accomplish this – an online presence. You must offer them 24/7 gaming. If you offer it, they will come, and they will stay. Let the PPH do all of the legwork for you. Why kill yourself as a local bookie and to boot, have nothing to offer beyond sports? Change the way you do business and latch on now while you can get a free website. Call the PPH today and ask them for all the details and how to get started.  

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