Volleyball Betting TutorialSince we are in the middle of summer, now is the time for a How to Bet on Volleyball Tutorial. Volleyball is an underrated game in the sports betting industry. However, there is a lot of money to be earned from betting on this sport. In addition, volleyball and volleyball betting is very popular on an international, regional, and even local level.

Here, we look at the different ways and some volleyball betting strategies for you to win money. In fact, betting on volleyball is not very different from betting on other sports. This is because bets on volleyball still involve a point spread and a money line.

The first thing you will you need to know in how to bet on volleyball is to know the type and odds to check. We will begin out volleyball betting tutorial with the most common bets you can encounter:

Volleyball Betting Tutorial


This is one of the simplest wagers you can use in practicing your volleyball betting strategies. Here, you bet on the outcome of the match. You use a decimal or fractional system here, depending on the sportsbook that you will use. Of course, the payout is better for the underdog. This is the case so bettors will be encouraged to bet on both teams.

One of the good volleyball betting strategies: bet on the team that is expected to lose, you may get a bigger payout than you would if you bet on the team that is expected to win.


Bookie Pay Per Head ServiceVolleyball betting tutorials have this on the top of their lists because even if your bet loses the game, but does not lose the spread, you still win. Lost yet? Let’s make this easier for you: the winning volleyball team must beat the spread mentioned by the sportsbook for the bet to pay out.  This allows a more even betting as you not only look at who wins, but at the team’s performance in terms of the scores and how much the winning team leads.


If you are familiar with how your teams perform, this could be one of the volleyball betting strategies for you. In this type of bet, you will watch out for the number that the sportsbook pay per head will present and bettors will wager if the total number of points will be over of under the figure. As the bettor, you will look at how many points in total will be scored by both teams. You don’t need to worry about the outcome of the match; you only need to see the score.

Volleyball Betting Strategies


If you want to learn how to bet on volleyball, this is one of the bets you will see at sportsbook sites. This can also be seen as Money line bets. These are somewhat similar to match bets, and are also listed in either a decimal or fractional system. This is a wager that is based on the outcome of a particular set in the match.

Volleyball betting tutorials like this are very helpful in defining the types of bets and how much money you can make but for you to succeed, this is one of the most important volleyball betting strategies we can impart to you:


According to most Sportsbook Pay Per Head Experts, you should follow volleyball leagues. Korea has an amazing Volleyball league where a lot of foreign players play in Korean clubs. There is a growing demand for betting on Korean sports so they are a good start for you. If you wish to go international, you have the Olympics (once every four years) and the World League (Brazil and Italy are crowd favorites with their number of wins).  In addition the FVIB World Championships (the Russians are a favorite for Women’s Volleyball while Brazil is a favorite for Men’s volleyball).