With fast-paced sports like the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, online bookies need to be ready with the right tools and the right support.

March Madness betting brought in over $10 BILLION, 97% of those bets went to offshore sportsbooks and individual bookies.

Are you ready to collect some of that this year?

Upgrading to a premium sportsbook solution is a bookie’s best bet to raking in serious cash.

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Get Premium PPH Tools

When bookies sign up for the Prime Package, they get exclusive VIP support and one-on-one interactions with their Account Success Manager. On top of that, they’ll get access to:

  • A Highly Customizable Dashboard: See & manage everything you need in one place,
  • including in-depth reporting options to help you understand your players’ habits.
  • In-Depth Reporting Options: Understand your players’ habits to send the right marketing messages with proper intel.
  • TruLive Wagering on 1000+ Events: It’s not hosted on a 3rd party platform, which means no lag for your clients and no missed bet that could cost you your profits.
  • Multiple Casino & Horse Profiles: Maximize profits with customizable pre-set profiles.
  • BetAlerts: Instant Player Betting Notifications to monitor a mitigate risk on the go.
  • The Line Mover: Move lines up by ½ a point when necessary to ensure bookies never give a refund.
  • Mass Edit Lines and Limits: Strategically promote specific games or leagues.
  • Zero Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees: Plus, 5% credited cash back if you make your first deposit with Cryptocurrency.

You’re with the wrong per head company if your sportsbook software doesn’t offer all the tools and features listed above,

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