Find Successful Gamblers with a PPH – Even the Successful Ones Lose!

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Successful Sports Gamblers are Hard to Find

Every bookie wants to earn a fantastic living as successful gamblers and many of them do. Some of them have become multi-millionaires and yet others struggle to get ahead. This business is tricky, it can be fun and highly rewarding, but it can be tricky. Knowing how to start using your pay per head is essential, also easy setup of your PPH is mandatory.

  • Whether conducting an organic search for a PPH provider or using “word of mouth” and now you find yourself perched on a website based on a recommendation, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind.
  • The pay per head is the perfect solution for all of your gaming needs. They offer you solutions for payment and deposit options as well as provide a fantastic online casino and sportsbook. As mentioned above, the casino is a cash cow right now. Folks are at home, they are bored, and they want to gamble on something. If you offer them a great casino, they will show up and play.
  • The pay per head is offering a white-label service that’s turnkey ready. All you need to do is call them and tell them you want a free trial and tell them what kind of online bookmaking shop that you are wanting to start. They will listen to you; they will work with you and the best news – you can be up and operational in less than a couple of days.
  • Many sportsbooks and PPH providers offer their clients a number to call and what that path leads to is basically an answering service. Most of the time (in our experience) these folks don’t know the industry and they struggle to speak understandable English. This is a must before you consider doing business with any PPH.
  • Do they offer to custom-build your online sportsbook and offer you an exclusive “.com” address for you and your clients to use? Do they offer this service for free and will they build it within a day or two? If not – find one that will.
  • How long has the PPH that you are speaking with been in business? This is a “biggie”. You want experience. In this business, experience matters. There have been, and continue to be, PPH providers popping up all across the internet in recent years and months. Be careful! Many of these are fly-by-night, and even others a scam.
  • Find out where they are from, who owns them and how long they have been in business. The vast majority of the best PPH providers have their headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica. There are exceptions to this, but San Jose is where the PPH industry got its wings and is where the best of the industry’s best is from.
  • Call a fantastic PPH today and ask them every question that you can think of. Ask them how quickly you can be up and operating with your clients gambling against you online? The answer should be “within a day or two, depending on the level of service you choose”.
  • You probably already have a client base and you are looking for an online presence. The PPH is a smart move for many reasons but the best reasons are the cost of the price per head vs. the cost of hiring someone to build you an online sportsbook website, along with the fact that you basically do nothing!
  • You sign up, enter your players into the system and they will be automatically assigned a client number. Now they can start gambling against you and better yet, the PPH is open 24/7. No longer will you lose business because you can’t take a client’s phone call 24/7. Find a great PPH provider and turn your struggles into a six-figure income.
RealBookies PPH Services & Bookie Software

Ask the PPH provider how much they charge per head. You should expect to pay between $7-$10 per head, per week and your client can place one wager during the week for that set price or they may place an unlimited amount of wagers. You will never be charged more than once per week per play – no matter how many wagers they place or how few. Call today, start earning tomorrow.

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