The fate of the Summer Olympics remained uncertain. Some parties think that vaccines can save the Tokyo Olympics.

Last November, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said that he was hopeful that a vaccine could help the Games push through as planned. Earlier this month, organizers said they couldn’t rely on vaccine rollout due to some challenges in the process.

According to sportsbook pay per head providers, people thought the vaccine would end the coronavirus pandemic. They felt that transmission rates would drop, and things would return to normal. However, there are some challenges with vaccine rollouts in various world regions.

Save the Tokyo Olympics

Can Vaccines Save the Tokyo Olympics?Organizers will ensure that athletes and visitors are vaccinated before they arrive in Tokyo. However, some athletes reject mandatory vaccinations. Athletes said they are willing to wait until the coronavirus became manageable.

Team USA members want to get vaccinated to participate in the games. However, they know that they are not on top of the list. People on the priority list include older people, teachers, people working in hospitals, and those working in grocery stores.

Also, there are logistic challenges to overcome in vaccinating athletes worldwide. Access to vaccines varies from one country to another. Other challenges countries face includes storage issues, logistical concerns, and low vaccine supplies.

The IOC came out with a framework to prevent coronavirus spread during the Games. It included quarantine measures, immigration processes, testing, contact tracing, vaccinations, and personal protective equipment.

The IOC said that it supports the priority of vaccinating medical doctors, nurses, and vulnerable groups. They are working with National Olympic Committees to assist athletes, officials, and other stakeholders to get their vaccinations in their home countries.

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