Gambling news features a lot of developments and growth about the gambling world. But there is quite a special interest in the US, where the decision to legalize sports betting does not lie in the central government. Rather, each of the US states lawmakers will have to figure out among themselves what they want.

Since the second half of 2018, states have been moving towards regulating the market, much to the delight of pay per head bookies. After all, they just need the best sports betting software, and they can join in the global sports betting market.

Iowa Sports Betting

Iowa’s senate has just passed Bill 1168 through its subcommittee. And it is now on the table for the entire senate to vote on. Republican senator Roby Smith is the author of the bill. The bill states that the casinos will be offering sports betting in different platforms. They can offer physical sports betting facilities, online betting, and mobile betting as well. However, there will be restrictions on the sports to be wagered on. Minor leagues, amateur sports, as well as youth sports cannot be bet on. College sports and professional sports have their approval.

To be able to bet in Iowa, according to the bill, you have to register at a casino first. Although this feature will eventually change, and be up for removal, possibly. Local operators are already preparing for this, although lawmakers are hoping that the proceeds from the licensing and the taxes could go to charity.

While the bill has no accompanying bill related to this in congress, Representative Bobby Kaufman has one in the works. And that this proposed bill will be mostly compatible to the one proposed by the senate. This, hopefully, will prevent more delays to the regulation of the sports betting market in Iowa.