Three Republican senators are hoping to legalize Missouri sports betting. The 2021 legislative session will start in a couple of weeks, and three senators filed separate sports betting bills. Most of the state’s neighbors have already made sports wagering legal.

The senators said that legal sports betting would bring around $50 million to the state. Also, they want to use the additional income for education. Senator Denny Hoskins said that many Missourians are using illegal apps to wager on sports. Also, he observed that residents are crossing the state line to bet on sports legally.

At present, twenty-six states have legalized sports betting. Senator Hoskins said that Missouri is ready to be part of the list. The senator pre-filed Senate Bill 18 earlier this month to make sports betting legal in the state.

Legalize Missouri Sports Betting

Three State Senators Want to Legalize Missouri Sports BettingAccording to bookie pay per head reports, Senator Hoskins said that people should be able to wager on the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Blues, or St. Louis Cardinals in the state. His bill would allow sportsbooks to operate either online or at a casino.

His bill would place a nine percent tax on sports betting revenue. Also, the state will charge application and other fees. According to the best sportsbook PPH, the fees would cover the administrative expenses for the Missouri Gaming Commission.

Senator Tony Luetkemeyer filed a similar bill. According to gambling reports, SB 217 would legalize sports betting with added protection. He wants to make sure that casinos and other operators are using the same data. Thus, it would make the industry fair for everyone.

Also, Luetkemeyer said that legalizing sports wagering would prevent a tax increase. The state is looking for ways to increase revenue without increasing taxes. Thus, legalizing sports betting will provide an additional income for the state.

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