The coronavirus outbreak forced businesses to close and people to stay indoors. Also, it is proven that some professions are more stable than others. For instance, veteran online poker players are winning big jackpots during the pandemic lockdown.

Based on sports betting software reports, there’s an increase in traffic to poker websites. As a result, veteran pros are enjoying an increase in their winnings. The veterans are thriving because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the United States, four states have legal online poker websites. They are Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Also, they recorded record revenues of $3.6 million in March. It was an increase of 91 percent year over year, according to pay per head sportsbook sources.

Veteran Online Poker Players Winning

Veteran Online Poker Players Win Big during LockdownThe number of people playing online poker increased as they spend more time at home. Poker players in Nevada and New Jersey who can’t go out to play in casinos are turning to online poker sites. According to the American Gaming Association, only two of the 989 casinos in the US remained open by early April to prevent coronavirus from spreading.

Veteran poker players are winning more money during the lockdowns because there are new and inexperienced players trying their luck online. As a result, it is easier for pros to win. When the number of players increases, the pot increases too.

The Super Circuit Series attracted a higher-than-expected player turnout. As a result, its prize money went up to $4 million from $1.24 million. It gives professional players more opportunities to win big. Some people forget their dream to become a bookie and start playing poker during the lockdown.

Also, professional poker players can win efficiently because weaker competition outnumbers them online during the coronavirus outbreak. Also, online events offer bigger prize money. Although most industries are down, pro poker players are having the best time of their lives.