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OUR RATING: 6.0 OUT OF 10 About is a relatively new player in the pay per head industry. They offer the usual features and services provided by other PPH service platforms. We were curious about their claim of having the highest win percentages in the industry. That’s why we came up with this PPH review. There’s not a lot of reviews about on the internet. This is not a surprise considering it is a newcomer in the industry. Most bookies are wary about using something without a proven track record. That’s why we asked one of...

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The State of Sports Betting in the US

Since the Supreme Court allowed other states to legalize sports betting in May 2018, 11 states and the District of Columbia already made it legal for their residents to bet on sports. Also, most lawmakers got support for their bills by promising huge tax revenues. That’s the current state of sports betting in the US. In the past, sports betting has a negative impression among state and federal lawmakers. In addition, professional and college sports leagues don’t want to associate themselves from the activity. Today, public opinion on sports betting has changed. Aside from the first 11, many states...

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Sports Betting to Be Available in Wrigley Field and other Illinois Stadiums

If lawmakers have it their way, you can place bets in Wrigley Field or in any sports stadium in Illinois. In fact, there are several proposals from lawmakers that will allow wagering sites to set up within the facilities or a couple of blocks near them. At present, Illinois is lagging behind its neighboring states with regards to sports betting laws. Case in point, Indiana just enacted its sports wagering laws earlier this month. Also, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the law that will allow the existing casinos in the state to have their own retail bookies. Both Iowa...

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Pay Per Head Law Update: Iowa Sports Betting Law Waits on Gov’s Desk

Iowa lawmakers have passed a bill that will make online sports betting legal in the state. Whether Senate File 617 becomes a law or is in the hands of Governor Kim Reynolds. Although legislators have already passed it, the proposed Iowa sports betting law has its share of critics. Senator Joe Bolkcom is worried that smartphones will be the next mobile casino. He said that it will start with online sports wagering for now. Then it can lead to online slots and other gambling activities in the future. Legislators have been supporting gambling activities in the state. They passed...

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Pay Per Head News: Bandai Namco Reenters Gambling Market

Bandai Namco is not new to casino games. It produced several casino games for other companies in the past. However, the game maker announced it is making its own game earlier this month. In fact, the company is producing a Pac-Man Video-Bingo game that will be available on the market soon. Bandai Namco worked with game developers Quixant and Meetronia to create the machine. In fact, it is operational at the start of April, according to a press release sent to the gambling industry. The Japanese game maker made several ventures into the gambling industry in the past. In...

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Pay Per Head Update: New Orleans Gambling Revenue Up in March

New Orleans gambling revenue improved in March. In fact, casino winnings increased 5.6 percent for the month alone. Overall, the revenue in the city improves to $60 million from $56 million. The casino with the largest profits in March is Harrah’s with $29 million. It is an 8 percent improvement from its profits last year of $27 million. Three riverboats earned $26 million for a 3.7 percent increase year over year. In addition, Boomtown New Orleans got a 5 percent increase year over year to $12 million. Also, Amelia Belle got a 4.5 percent increase to $4 million. Lastly,...

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Gambling Software Provider Invests in Africa

Africa is a rising gambling market. That’s why NSoft wants to grow its stake in the region. In fact, the gambling software provider recently entered the market. The best thing about the African market is that it welcomes foreign investments. Countries across the globe are accepting the gambling industry more openly than before. In addition, many nations have rules and regulations favorable to the gaming industry. As a result, operators, suppliers, and consumers are getting into the action. One advantage NSoft has going for it is that the firm knows the dynamics of sporting events in Africa. It gives...

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Sportsbook News: Ohio Gambling Revenue Up in February

Ohio gambling revenue continued its upward trend in February with an increase of 5.4 percent. According to the latest report released by the state casino regulators, the state earned $155 million for the month. In February 2018, the Ohio gambling revenue was $147 million. This year, all casinos and racinos in the state earned more compared to last year. However, it should be noted that Belterra Park was not operating for most of February last year because of flooding. Although that was the case, Ohio still earned solid profits this year according to gambling news reports. The Cleveland-Akron area...

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Legal Bookie Industry on Its Way to Illinois

Sports betting is a multibillion-dollar industry. However, most gamblers in Illinois rely on the black market to place wagers on sporting events. The good news is that legal bookie industry is on its way to Illinois. Governor JB Pritzker supports the move to make sports betting legal in the state. Stakeholders believe that the activity can be a good source of tax revenue for Illinois. Although the move has the backing of the governor, lawmakers still face several obstacles along the way. Lawmakers are still debating on where sports betting should take place. Also, they want to know how...

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Super Bowl 2019 Prop Betting Tips

Super Bowl 53 is just a couple of days away. The Los Angeles Rams will go against the New England Patriots in Atlanta on Sunday, February 3. If you are looking for Super Bowl 2019 prop betting tips, then you are in luck. We will provide you with the best betting options that will happen during the game. Fans around the globe will watch the game live. However, many of them are not just interested in who wins or loses. In fact, there are many Super Bowl 2019 prop betting options available to bettors. Super Bowl 2019 Prop Guide...

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