Those who want to make a bookie pay per head service should know the numbers that they will have to handle and the income one can earn from that action. And while bookies operate on a much smaller scale than casinos do, bookies can learn from them still. For instance, New Jersey Sports Betting operators have a generated revenue of below $4 million in the month of July. The combined revenue was $3.83, which is around the same amount of the revenue the state earned in two weeks last June.

New Jersey’s bookies handled more or less $40.7 million for the month of July. Of course, the division of gaming enforcement’s definition of betting revenue is a bit more complex than deducting wins of betters and taxes to get the revenue. To be specific, pending bets on futures and unredeemed winning bets are also part of revenue.

New Jersey Sports Betting Numbers

Bookies in New Jersey handled $40.7 million for the month of July. This is a huge increase compared to $16.4 million in the last 2 weeks of June. Since sports betting was legal, the total betting handle of New Jersey is $57.1 million. From that, the revenue of operators is at $7.3 million. However, bookies have only earned $3.23 million. The remaining amounts are for unredeemed wagers at $2.4 million, and bets on future events at $1.6 million.

As to where the sports betting action comes from, Baseball tops the list of activity, with a handle of $36.3 million. Basketball saw around $1 million. Meanwhile, football records $160,000.00. Of course, July is still the low season in terms of sports betting. Most major league sports will not be starting until the next month or two. This means the numbers could potentially go higher towards the end of the year.