Tips to Find the Most Profitable Slots

Tips to Find the Most Profitable Slots

We all want to make it big with as minimal effort as possible and what better way to do that than to throw our luck into gambling? Anyone who has ever visited Las Vegas, Atlantic City or similar locations around the world known for gambling knows the draw these places have.

It’s a chance to make it big, to finally climb out of the monotonous stride of daily life and thrust us headfirst into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. If only we would be so lucky enough to hit the coveted jackpot.

But is it really possible? Could anyone of us really be that fortunate to make it with one pull of a lever? You might if you follow some of these tips in choosing the winning slots.

Here are our Tips to Find the Most Profitabl Slots

1. Go for the highest payout

Let’s start off the list with something obvious. If you are a newbie in slots both online and in casinos, you might want to dip your feet first in machines that offer the biggest payouts. Go big or go home, am I right? Look for the slots that offer the biggest prices compared to others. According to Bookie Pay Per Head experts, these are the ones with the highest RTP, return to player, percentage. Most slot machines with the highest RTP you can find in online casino hire.

Tips to Find the Most Profitabl Slots2. Know the risk level of a machine

This is measured in the amount of risk each player has to make before winning real money in a particular machine. If a slot has low volatility, this means there are more wins but smaller prices. High volatility machines have rare wins but those that get lucky enough get the biggest payouts.

3. Place higher bets.

No machine is going to give you the biggest pot price if you continue to bet a measly $1. The point and appeal of gambling are the risks that you make. You have to be smart about it, obviously, but no you won’t go far or win big if you play it safe. Consider all available factors and then just take the leap.

4. Trust others

Unlike poker, in playing slots you are given free pass at trusting other players. If a particular machine is particularly bad, other players will label it as such so heed their words and stay away from those. It is almost an unwritten rule that slot players band together to beat their enemy, the machines.

5. Steer clear from branded slots

Don’t let the bright colors and loud sounds fool you, branded slots are almost a scam in and of themselves. They draw people in with their ads of your favorite bands, TV shows, or movies. Therefore, their bets are usually high but the payouts are some of the lowest.

6. Use free spins

In order to keep players playing, machines often offer free spins. There are hundreds of conditions stipulated in a free spin that the payouts aren’t usually worth it but it’s free, there’s no harm in using it, and some people actually land decent prices, albeit rarely.

Author Bio:

Leanne Brooks is an ardent blogger and gambler who became a successful gambler after losing significant money at casinos. She writes to share tips on how to win casino games. She is currently working with FunCasinoHire, the leading casino hire with the glamour of Las Vegas Casinos to all types of parties and events, such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, and charity fundraisers.