How a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Works

How a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Works

Last updated on April 23rd, 2019 at 09:55 am

Every bookie looking to modernize their operation and increase their revenue often talk about starting an online bookie website. Using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service is often mentioned in the same sentence with how to open a sportsbook. The big question however is exactly How a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Works and can help bookies expand their business.

According to the History of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry, the PPH concept came about in the early 1990s.

The PPH Solution was created because of the need for bookies to expand their operation without breaking the bank.

Before the Bookie PPH Services were available, a bookie that wanted his own website and support service had two choices.  The first was to buy a sports betting software, hire a staff and get the proper infrastructure to run a sportsbook.  Needless to say, this type of operation was out of the reach of most bookies.

The second choice was the White Label Sportsbook solution.  This is where the bookie/agent would pay a setup fee and a cut of their monthly revenue to a sportsbook. In exchange, the agent would receive their own sportsbook website and their players would have access to all of the services offered by that sportsbook.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Today, anyone can become a sportsbook operator because of the low cost of using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service. In addition, bookies and agents no longer need to share their revenue with anyone else because the cost of a PPH service is base on a per player fee.

What is a Sportsbook Pay Per Head?

What is a Sportsbook Pay Per Head?A sportsbook pay per head is an online management service for bookies looking to modernize and expand their business. In addition, the service allows the bookie’s players to place their bets online or by telephone.

Thus, the Bookie PPH Software keeps track and grades all bets leaving the bookie free to manage his bookie operation. The cost of using a Sportsbook PPH service will vary based on the type of service you want.  On average, a bookie will pay the PPH Provider $5-$20 per active player on a weekly basis.

In addition, a bookie has complete control over their players from setting limits to enabling game access, bonuses and more. A PPH is like renting a sportsbook because you get the infrastructure, software and employees without having to buy it.

The Advantages of using a Bookie PPH Service

The best Sportsbook Pay Per Head providers like, will offer additional products as part of their PPH Package.  Such products will include: online casino, live dealer casino, live betting and a racebook.

In addition a Sportbook PPH will give the following advantages to the bookie:

Time – A sportsbook PPH basically runs the entire sports betting operation from taking bets to keeping track of financial information.  Thus, the bookie is able to concentrate his time on advertising and retention.

Reporting – You will have the ability to generate many types of reports that will help you manage your sportsbook operation better. Such reports will include wagering reports and statistics, player habits and much more.

Cost – When compared to the cost of starting an online sportsbook from scratch, the cost is considerably lower.  This is because you have practically no operating cost which in turn leads to a higher profit margin.

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