For the bookmaker; today’s sports gambler is not from their father’s era. Times have changed and players know everything related to the sport, event, or player they are gambling on. Knowledge has placed a cramp in the sportsbooks style. There was a day not so long ago when the bookie had a clear advantage and one could indeed say, “The House Always Wins”. This is simply no longer the case. Sports gambling has become marginal and bookies are not raking in it as they once did. They are looking for alternatives.

  • CV-19 has placed the entire world on an unexpected lockdown. The sports industry is closed, locked up tighter than a drum and nobody has a clue if, and when it will reopen. The NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, NASCAR, MLS, International Soccer, and countless other leagues, have all suspended their season. NASCAR announced its limited return this week. They plan to return to the track without spectators. Will MLB follow, what about the lost NHL, and NBA seasons?
  • For Las Vegas, the shutdown has been nothing less than devastating and has placed more than 600,000 Nevada workers on unemployment. This economic disaster will take a tremendous amount of time to recover from. Las Vegas alone lost more than an estimated $20 billion when “March Madness” was canceled.

Has the Shutdown hurt Offshore Bookies?

  • It hasn’t! The shutdown has been a boon for the online-casino-industry, at large. It’s been well documented that Las Vegas earns enormous profits from – and the vast amount of their wealth, comes from casino revenue.
  • The online bookmakers are no different. They have the same opportunity to earn vast profits from their casinos, as does Las Vegas. They have a better opportunity… Online casinos are always open, and nobody has to travel to Las Vegas. Pay Per Head Provider

Why the “Boon”

  • Las Vegas, and practically every casino worldwide, is shutdown. Gamblers are still gamblers and they are going to find a way to do what they do. One way or another, gamblers will find somebody to take their “action’. They want to gamble and CV-19 is not effecting them one iota.

What is a Pay Per Head?

  • The Pay Per Head, or (PPH) as it’s commonly referred to in the gaming industry, is a bookie services provider. They are the sportsbook, casino, and racebook. They offer software that’s available to use as a desktop or mobile app.
  • The PPH service allows the “local bookie” an online presence and the best PPH providers on the internet will have bookies operational and their client’s integrated, in a day or two. The service is not expensive – (it starts at around $7 per head, the best and legitimate PPH providers).
  • The PPH does everything for the bookie. They custom-build a bookmaking website for free of charge, giving the bookie an immediate online presence.
  • The PPH takes care of all the little mundane tasks of a bookie’s day-to-day life, such as setting the daily events with a user interface that makes life easy for the gambler. The PPH sets the daily lines and odds, they offer every possible sport that can be bet on as well as every way to bet on said sport.
  • The Casino is the “cash cow” during the CV-19 mess. The casino comes fully equipped with more than 100-games, live dealers, all the player’s favorite table games, and every gaming opportunity a gambler would expect from a Las Vegas Casino.
  • The bookie does nothing. All the bookie needs to do is take deposits, keep an eye on his players, and start winning. The PPH offers on-demand players and financial reports. The bookie will have the unfettered ability to track players, their betting habits, and whether they are “up” or “down” to the house.

Las Vegas is suffering and nobody feels good about what is happening. The world will indeed be a better place, post-CV-19. Bookies or potential bookies have the unique opportunity to make the most out of the gambler’s demand. Now is the time to open a Pay Per Head business and earn a nice income. “Build it and they will come”.

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