A new gambling legislation has passed, streamlining current policies of South Africa gambling regulations. The parliamentary committee on trade and industry of South Africa has adopted National Gambling Amendment Act 2018. This comes after eliminating other items in the measure prior to passing it. Instead, the measure will focus on just three issues to prevent the measure from not being passed in time.

Earlier this year, their Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) proposed a comprehensive act that covers a lot of aspects of gambling. However, the legislature has decided to junk it and just focus on three main issues that will address current challenges in implementing existing policies on the matter. A lot of countries have been more open to sports betting. If you want to learn how to be a bookie, there is no better time than now.

South Africa Gambling Future

The first issue they are focusing on is to transfer the regulatory oversight to the new National Gambling Regulator. This is instead of the National Gambling Board. They plan to improve the governance at the National Gambling Policy Council. They will also be expanding the National Central Electronic Monitoring System, which monitors gambling acts. Supposedly, this is to get market data, but it may also be used for figuring out ideal taxation for gambling revenues.

Of course, there are more aspects of gambling that they want addressed. But they will need more time to properly discuss them. In addition, there have been efforts to broaden the features of online products, but have had no success. This is mainly due to onsite operators lobbying against these measures.

There is a lot of potential for South Africa to gain income from taxing revenues. But the legislative body has to focus on which aspects of gambling it wants to implement: protection against punters, or the improvement of the resources to collect revenue taxes. Learn how to be a bookie and get your share of profits, too.