With sports betting becoming more popular in the United States, Super Bowl LIV will be the most wagered-on event in history. PPH service providers estimated that around $7 billion would be wagered legally and illegally on occasion. If you want to bet on Super Bowl but don’t know how this tutorial is for you.

Many football fans have bet on Super Bowl at least once in their lifetime. However, there will be more newcomers who want to try out sports betting since the Supreme Court ruling allowed states to offer the activity. At present, you can legally bet on the big game in 14 states.

Bet on Super Bowl Guide

How to Bet on Super BowlThe most popular bets you can make on the Super Bowl are point spread and total. Point spread involves the final score and betting on a given line by the bookie. On the other hand, the total is adding the score of both teams.

The point spread is not what the bookie thinks a team will win by. Instead, it is the number designed to produce a close to an equal amount of bets on both sides. That way, the sportsbook will have a guaranteed profit no matter who wins the game.

If you don’t like the odds given by a sportsbook, you can find other alternatives. However, they can be expensive. Some online bookmakers offer teasers that allow players to move the line down or up by six or more points. However, they require players to make at least two combined wagers.

Also, you can consider making prop bets. Based on sportsbook reviews, these are ideal for casual fans because you don’t need to keep track of the score. Some common prop bets for the Super Bowl include the coin flip result, team to score the field touchdown, or whether the game will go into overtime.

Betting on the Super Bowl is fun. However, you can take it up a notch by becoming a bookie yourself. Although it is late to start learning how to become a bookmaker today for Super Bowl LIV, it will give you enough time for the next one.