Most sports betting tutorials can be used to guide you in multiple sports. The wagers in some sports are very similar, after all. But there are subtle tells you can use in each sport that you can use as a guide when betting. For baseball, people look at pitchers. For college basketball, people look at seeding as they go closer to the sweet sixteen. And for betting on the NBA finals, a few things can help you.

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Betting on the NBA Finals

The finals will be between two teams, with one from each conference. During the season, these two teams will have faced each other twice. This gives you two games to review to see how each team plays with the other. It won’t be an apple-to-apple comparison, of course, but seeing how both first fivers, or team superstars play can give you a clue on the score. A high defense team could mean lower scores, for example.

Of course, home court advantage plays a part here. Teams tend to win on their home courts. Its not just because the fans are there. Of course, it helps, but so does the familiarity of the court. And the lack of travel and time difference. Travelling for 5-6 hours could put a strain to some, and playing in a different time zone could mean that players could feel out of sorts. Usually, in game wagers for the first half of the game turns a profit, but it depends on other factors as well.

Then there’s team history. Check for changes in the lineups. Are there injured players. Traded players from before when they first faced off? Are they good at blocking the top scorers of their opponent, or is that player out with an ankle injury? These things seem inconsequential but can add up to the different tells that you can think about before placing your bet on one side.