NHL Investigates San Jose Sharks Evander Kane for Betting on Own Games

NHL Investigates San Jose Sharks Evander Kane for Betting on Own Games

Last updated on August 7th, 2021 at 09:46 am

The NHL investigates San Jose Sharks Evander Kane for claims that he is betting on his own games. Kane denied the charges after the league announced the investigation Saturday. It came after Kane’s wife Anna asked the NHL commission if the league allows a player to gamble on his games.

According to PPH bookie reports, the National Hockey League said that they take gambling allegations seriously. They would investigate the allegations. Also, they didn’t give any comments on the issue.

Kane said rebutted that his estranged wife’s claims were false. Also, he said that Anna would soon be his ex. Despite the advice of his legal team, Kane gave a statement denying the claims. He said he never gambled on hockey nor his games. Also, Kane didn’t throw any game. He is willing to cooperate with the league to clear his name.

NHL Investigates San Jose Sharks Evander Kane

NHL Investigates San Jose Sharks Evander Kane for Betting on Own GamesKane remarked on his wife’s allegation in a social media post. He denied deserting his wife for a European getaway. However, his wife said that he abandoned her and their daughter. Kane partied all day and never called his family. Also, he didn’t ask his wife how they are doing while he was away.

Kane said that he has attempted to see his little girl, yet his wife restricted him from seeing their daughter. He described his wife as mentally ill for jeopardizing his career.

On January 9, Kane filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy under losses due to theft, fire, and other disaster or gambling. He lists $1.5 million lost to sports betting and gambling at a casino.

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