It’s 2019, it’s time to take your sportsbook business seriously. Afterall—You want to retire one day, don’t you?

Having a second-rate sportsbook management software isn’t going to cut it this year if you want to expand and scale your business. has the experience agents need and the know-how to help you hit your goals.Their Prime Package is the best software in the market and makes it easier for smaller sportsbook business to compete with the big guys.

What Can PayPerHead Offer Bookies?

Outside of over 20 years of experience in helping bookies scale their business, when you sign up with you get VIP service and the most advanced PPH tools and features.

Check It Out What Prime Can Do:

  • Your Own Account Success Manager:

Consider them your own personal assistant. They’ll set up your sportsbook (that includes helping you migrate your players easily!) and show you the tools you need daily. They can also point out your sharps and help you manage your bets so none of your clients clean you out.

  • A Highly Customizable Dashboard:

See & Manage everything you need in one place, that includes endless reporting options that can help you understand your players’ habits to craft strategic marketing messages.

  • TruLive Wagering on 1000+ Events:

PayPerHead offers the best rates for a premium live betting services. TruLive Wagering isn’t hosted on a third party platform, which means no lagging, no last minute changes, and no lost bets.

 Premium PPH Tools Designed To Increase Profits:

With access to the most advanced tools, bookies can expect to scale their business quickly and efficiently.

PPH Tools like: the BetAlert Instant Player Betting Notification, the Line Mover to ensure you never have to give a refund, plus set limits using the mass editing feature, with just one click, you’re making more cash.

Did I mention your site will be fully mobile and user friendly? Your players can bet anytime & anywhere.

Try it All Now For 3 Weeks At Just $3 Per Head!

PayPerHead has been in the business for over 20 years and has in-house experts that always there for you and your business.

Right now, they’re letting online bookies check out their premium tools and premium service for 3 weeks and just $3 per head.

So, sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package today and gain access to industry-leading PPH tools, and be a master online bookie.

In no time, you’ll have scaled your business, become a master agent, and have your sub agents work for you.  Retire early and live the good life!

 Find out more and speak to a PayPerHead rep today.