In the gambling world, knowing your players is one of the most important things that a casino or sportsbook manager needs to know. Their activity can tell you if they are making you win money, or lose money. They can also let you know, through their wagers, what interests them. This can help you find the best marketing strategy to earn more from them. This is where your bookie software comes in.

Luckily, sportsbook software for gambling operators allow bookies to track their player’s activity easily. Instead of manually listing wagers, the bookie software simply logs everything. Not only that, but you can easily see player activity easily. This is very handy as collating data can be quite time-consuming. But what exactly are we looking for when we are trying to analyze your player’s activity?

Using Bookie Software to Analyze Player Activity

Using Your Bookie Software to Track Player ActivityThe first thing you need to do is to look at each player’s individual activity. To run your online sportsbook, you do have overhead expenses. But if your sports betting software comes from a pay per head provider, then it won’t be as expensive. So, look at your player’s weekly activity, and see if they are moving enough money to cover your pay per head fee for that player. If you are losing money from this player, then you should try to get them to be more active.

Another point of information that you need to get from your player activity, is to see where they are betting. You can use your software to select the information on player activity you want to see, so that you can see the data in just one chart. Your software should have this feature available. One you have this, you can easily tell which sports interest them. Again, you can start to strategize how you can maximize their interest, and get them to increase their activity in your sportsbook.


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