NBA Playoff Update

Things are Getting Interested in the NBA Playoff Bubble

The NBA Playoff Bubble has provided many questions. One of the biggest questions about the NBA Orlando Bubble this season was how playoff teams might fare without home-court advantage.

When it comes to basketball betting, the home court hasn’t mattered at all.

NBA Playoff favorites have excelled in the bubble. Although the National Basketball Association lost a couple of days of games due to a player boycott, play resumed on Saturday, August 29.

On that day, favorites such as the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers should have closed the door on their first-round opponents.

Per head bookie agents that use sportsbook software must stay alert. Savvy players will dump on NBA teams when they believe they’ve got an advantage.

Keep reading for info on the NBA postseason second-round series that could boost your sportsbook profit.

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Playoff Round 2 Eastern Conference Series

Boston Celtics versus Toronto Raptors

2019 NBA Championship winner Toronto battles rival Boston for the right to take on either the Bucks or Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Before doing anything in your sportsbook, understand that the Celtics dominated the Raptors in 3 regular-season games. Boston also swept the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round.

Unless Toronto has changed things, expect Boston to play as effectively in the postseason as they did during the regular season. If your players overbet the C’s, change per head betting odds and make Boston the favorite.

Milwaukee Bucks versus Miami Heat

It should be difficult for the Heat to hang with Milwaukee. Then again, Miami swept the Indiana Pacers in the first round.

The key for the Heat to pull off the upset? Jimmy Butler must continue to prove why he’s one of the top five best players in the National Basketball Association.

Jimmy B. scored 28 points, 18 points, and 27 points in the first three games against the Pacers. He dropped just 6 points in the fourth game.

The Heat beat Indiana 99-87, though, proving that Butler will take a back seat if one of his teammates has a hot hand.

Pay attention to what happens in the first game. Moneyline betting action on the Heat could cause problems in your book.

Don’t hesitate to take Miami Heat moneyline bets off the table if your players dump on Butler and the underdog Heat.

Playoff Round 2 Western Conference Series

Los Angeles Lakers versus Rockets or Thunder

Like the Milwaukee Bucks, the Los Angeles Lakers dropped the first game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Since then, the Lakers have dominated Dame Dolla and the Blazers, winning four straight.

Los Angeles may have to wait a week before knowing who their second-round opponent is. The Houston Rockets are up 3-2 over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers will offer the favorite’s odds to beat Houston. Use pay per head software to determine if you must change odds for each game. Los Angeles tends to get overbet in playoff games.

Los Angeles Clippers versus Utah Jazz or Denver Nuggets

The Clipper beat the Mavericks 4-2. Jazz versus Nuggets are tied 3-3

No matter if the Clippers face the Nuggets or the Jazz, they’ll be the favorites. Neither Utah, nor Denver has shown that they can hang with a team like the Los Angeles Clippers.

Not only that but LAC’s 111-97 win over the Mavericks in Game 6 shows that they’re peaking. The Clippers are one of the favorites to win the NBA Championship.

Sportsbook betting software providers should expect their players to bet accordingly.

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