Your bookie pph site is probably raking in a lot of wagers for the NBA. After all, if you know how to be a bookie, then you know how popular the NBA is for certain gambling markets. Basketball news sites are full of updates and bookie odds on the upcoming NBA playoffs.

Let’s take a look at the odds for both the Western and Eastern Conference teams. To be an online bookie who is successful, you need to make sure you have all teams covered, and that you have enough resources to cover the wagers in your sportsbook.

Bookie Odds for the Western Conference

Of course, the Golden State Warriors are the favorite at -375 to grab their fifth Western Conference title. They play against the Los Angeles Clippers, who have +8000 odds to win the West. The second round for the Warriors could be with the Houston Rockets, who are +600 for the West title. The Rockets are 4th seed and will be playing against Utah Jazz, who are +2800. Its worth noting that the Rockets and the Warriors played the full 7 games in last year’s Western Conference Finals.

Bookie Odds for the Eastern Conference

As for the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks are favorites to win at +150. This is, of course, quite a feat, considering the last time the Bucks made it to the finals was back in 1974, and they were in the Western Conference.

They will be hosting the Detroit Pistons who are +8000 to win the Western Conference. Their chances will depend on how well the Pistons can play, and if Blake Griffin will be there to help out. The Toronto Raptors, who are 2nd seed, are +220 to win and have also never won the Eastern Conference. They will go against the Orlando Magic, who are +5500.