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NBA Playoffs Recap and Update

The First Round of the NBA Playoffs continues tonight with four more pivotal games in the making.  After another set of games in the books, we have some serious matchups going for this NBA Playoff Recap and Update report. First off, the Bucks and the Wizards both needed of a win to stay away from a 3-0 deficit. They were both were able to pull it off with the and now may be able to stage a comeback in the playoffs.  In addition, the Pacer managed to squeeze a victory thanks to a second-half comeback giving them a 2-1...

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IDSCA Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

OUR RATING: 3.5 OUT OF 10 About Pay Per Head International Data Solutions which is better known as IDSCA is known provider of sportsbook pay per head services. provides a complete sportsbook software solution for small and large bookie operations. In our IDSCA sportsbook pay per head review, we will rate and analyze their bookie PPH services and more. The information we received via various IDSCA sportsbook PPH review and other sources have conflicting information about their inception date. Their website states that they began their operation in March of 1998.  However, a quick search shows that...

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Guide to Online Sports Betting

For many decades, our species have found ways to redirect our nature of survival of through fittest through competition of will.  Since the dawn of civilization, man has created activities that veer us away from our nature towards cannibalism and war.  We have gone a long way in the history of gambling.  Thus our Guide to Online Sports Betting will provide the info you need to bet online in the modern world. Early History of Sports Betting To occupy themselves, man took part in the arts, some in the individual physical activities but most took up sports.  From the...

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Louisiana Gambling Expansion Bill on Hold

Yesterday, the Louisiana Senate Committee on Judiciary met to consider a few proposals related to the Gambling Expansion. The Lawmakers decided to pass on the online gambling bill because they needed to explore the matter in more details. After hearing the testimonies, the decision to have the Louisiana Gambling Expansion Bill on Hold was logical for them. The iGaming Bill was first introduced by Senator Danny Martiny in order to fix the financial situation in Louisiana.  Sen. Martiny is not your typical proponent of gambling in Louisiana. “This isn’t my life’s passion,” he told the committee. “I’m just telling...

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Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider adds more Casino Games

In their latest press release, just announced that it is adding more casino games to their Sportsbook Pay Per Head platform. The Sportsbook Pay Per Head industry enjoyed doubled digit growth in 2017 thanks to an increase in online gambling popularity. itself showed extensive profits in its first quarter thanks to the success of its expansion into the Asian-Market. In response to this growth, the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider increased the number of casino games available in their platform. In order to continue the growth of their Sportsbook Pay Per Head service, they added 111 games...

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