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Tips to Find the Most Profitable Slots

We all want to make it big with as minimal effort as possible and what better way to do that than to throw our luck into gambling? Anyone who has ever visited Las Vegas, Atlantic City or similar locations around the world known for gambling knows the draw these places have. It’s a chance to make it big, to finally climb out of the monotonous stride of daily life and thrust us headfirst into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. If only we would be so lucky enough to hit the coveted jackpot. But is it really possible?...

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Playtech to Showcase Sports Betting Software at Betting on Sports America

This week sports betting software providers and operators will be flocking to New York for the 2019 Betting on Sports America conference. This is the biggest Sports Betting trade show in the U.S. where 175 industry leaders will speak in 40 sessions.  Furthermore, this will be the chance for gambling providers to showcase their latest product. Thus, Playtech to Showcase Sports Betting Software during this event. For Playtech, this will be a chance to demonstrate its unique retail and online solutions for the North American market. The provider is helping U.S. administrators build up their client confronting items with...

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Picking the Perfect NCAA Bracket – What are Your Odds?

Are you feeling lucky? Many people are, and they are all trying to fill the perfect NCAA bracket. It has never been done, but that shouldn’t deter you. However, you should know what you are getting yourself into. The good news is that you stand as good a chance to fill in the perfect March Madness bracket as the next person. The bad news is that these odds are ridiculously low! One in 9.2 Quintillion Scientists estimate that there are about 7.5 quintillion grains of sand on earth. Well, your chances of picking the perfect NCAA odd are lower...

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Choose Your Bet: A Definitive Betting Guide to the Belmont Stakes

The third and final jewel of the Triple Crown horse racing series, the Belmont Stakes is  one of the most prestigious thoroughbred race in the United States. Three-year-old thoroughbred horses run for glory in this event. Thus, testing their endurance and stamina around 1 ½ miles racecourse in Belmont Park. In our Betting Guide to the Belmont Stakes, you will learn the essential of horse betting. The Belmont Stakes is an important event for New Yorkers, as well as online bettors in many parts of the world. Annually, it garners an average total bet of around $130 million, the...

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Ready For The Madness? Try Premium PPH Tools For 3 Weeks—$3/Per Head

With fast-paced sports like the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, online bookies need to be ready with the right tools and the right support. March Madness betting brought in over $10 BILLION, 97% of those bets went to offshore sportsbooks and individual bookies. Are you ready to collect some of that this year? Upgrading to a premium sportsbook solution is a bookie’s best bet to raking in serious cash. The PayPerHead team ensure your business goals and objectives are met, and you can create a sustainable business all year ‘round. Get Premium PPH Tools When bookies sign up for the...

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How to open a Sports Betting Business

Last year was full of surprises for the gambling industry starting with the repeal of the U.S. PASPA Act.  Now that states can legalize sports betting, several state have already made it legal with several others working on it. This brings us to our tutorial on How to open a Sports Betting Business so you can also cash in on the action! However, keep in mind that despite the phenomenal growth of the gambling industry, opening a sportsbook takes a lot work. This implies it’s getting increasingly difficult to remain in front of the opposition and separate yourself from...

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KIBET Sportsbook Review

OUR RATING: 8.5 OUT OF 10 About KIBET Sportsbook KIBET is a global sportsbook that has been in operation since 2004 and is known for its excellent service to its players.  However, they are mostly known amongst Asian bettors with an emphasis in the Korean gambling industry.  In this KIBET Sportsbook Review, we will go over the advantages and disadvantages of using this sportsbook. The KIBET sportsbook is a global iGaming company with offices around the world which include the Philippines and Costa Rica.  In addition, they hold several gambling licenses which also include one from the PAGCOR. On...

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Sportsbook Management Software Sales on the Rise

Since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalized sports betting, several states now offer sports betting to their residents.  Thus, this has led to an increase in bookies and sportsbook offering their services to players. Furthermore, Sportsbook Management Software companies have seen a rise in new customers leading to an increase in sales. According to, several Sportsbook Software companies have reported an increase in sales.  In addition, some companies have reported increases as high as 120% coming from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although several companies may not yet have a gambling license, this has not stopped them...

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College Football Betting Tutorial

Betting on American College Football is nearly identical to betting on the NFL. There are many rules differences between the two games but it is essentially the same. In our College Football Betting Tutorial we will go over that as well as the basics of NCAA football betting. Keep in mind that even though NFL and College are both football, they are two different animals in term of betting. This is because NCAA Football has games throughout the week and usually over games over the weekend. In addition, the biggest difference between betting on each game is probably the...

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AcePerHead Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

OUR RATING: 6.5 OUT OF 10 About AcePerHead Pay Per Head is a sportsbook pay per head company that has been around since 1998.  This makes it one of the oldest PPH providers in the business which is quite a feat in today’s industry. Our AcePerHead Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review will rate their PPH services to see how they do against the competition. As a veteran in the PPH Industry, there is a lot of reviews about  Some of the reviews are positive and many are negative.  Thus, we decided to get someone who has never...

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