The National Football League will start soon, and fans are excited after the long wait. Aside from watching the games, fans are also waiting for the chance to bet on the sport. If you don’t have any experience wagering on football, here’s an NFL betting guide.

We create a guide for people who don’t understand the terms and the basic betting lines. After reading our tutorial, you’ll have a better understanding on how to wager on NFL games.

NFL Betting Guide on Types of Wagers

NFL Betting Guide for BeginnersThere are three common wagers you can make on NFL games. They are point spread, total, and moneyline. Let’s look at each betting types.

Point Spread

The point spread is a number made by bookmakers to offer an advantage or disadvantage. They base the decision on the estimated margin of defeat or victory for an NFL team. Sportsbook pay per head providers create the point spreads for every NFL game.

The favorite has a disadvantage as it would need to win by a set number of points. On the other hand, the underdog has the advantage because it is given a buffer to lose the game by a few points. The point spread looks like:

Team A – 7
Team B +7

In the example, Team A needs to win by more than seven points. On the other hand, Team B must lose by less than seven points or outright win.


The total in any NFL match is an estimated combined score of both teams. The sports betting software company comes up with a total based on several factors. As a player, you need to guess whether the actual result will be over or under the set total.


Moneyline is when you choose the winner of the game. It is also called straight-up wager because you only need to select the winner. Since there are discrepancies in talent and skills between the two squads, odds come at a premium for the favorite. For instance, the odds look like:

Team A -160
Team B +140

A $100 bet on Team A will give you $162.50, which is the initial $100 and winnings of $62.50. On the opposite side, betting $100 on Team B will earn you $240 in total, which is the initial $100 wager and $140 in winnings.

These are the basic types of wagers you can make on NFL games. Instead of betting on sports, you can be on the other side and accept wagers. You can start a bookie business with a sportsbook pay per head for $5 per player.