The coronavirus pandemic has a much longer effect- not just on its victims, but also across various industries and businesses, your pay per head bookie included. As early as now, these industries are already looking at millions of losses for this year and the next. This has been a huge issue being discussed by various gambling news sites. European football clubs are not exempt- in fact, estimates set us at around 4 billion euros in revenue for next year. And for European football clubs to lose billions is not something you’d expect to ever happen.

The European Football Clubs

European football clubsThe European Club Association, or the ECA, estimates that clubs across 55 countries will go through hard times. The ECA is looking at 1.6 billion Euros in losses for this season. As for the next season, the projections show a 2.4 billion Euro loss. Their analysis does not include transfer market profits, however. Even if seasons return, which you will know when you see action in your preferred bookie pay per head sportsbook, the damage is already done.

The financial impact of this is caused by a lot of things. The most obvious one would be losing out on ticket sales. Other possible causes are losing out on advertising, especially for cancelled matches, merchandising, licenses, viewing rights, and so on. Salaries could also be a problem.

Its Effect in Sports Betting

Of course, sports betting is recovering well, mostly through online wagering. There are a lot of bookies who have already considered to be an online bookie and go completely digital. Which, of course, is arguably inevitable. It is, however, somehow fast-tracked due to the pandemic. All these losses may affect each club’s performance if there will be players shuffled around. There will be an upcoming transfer market. This can be done as a money saving measure by certain clubs.